Ted Dunsford's Projects


The DotSpatial project began as an effort to create a version of MapWindow that did not rely on the ActiveX technology. As we worked on MapWindow 6, it became clear that more and more content was really GIS framework content that could be broken up so that the different aspects can be used independantly of each other. This broken apart framework became called DotSpatial.

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Other Projects

Catmull-Rom curve with no cusps and no self-intersections

This was a challenge I had to try to figure out for work. The problem was that when we used Catmull-Rom splines to create splines for some straight line curves, we ended up with little loops and self-intersections. I found articles describing techniques that prevented this, but no place that had actually posted an implementation of it.


The simple Moon example started with an example post I found on the web. I have tweaked it in order to allow the moon to be controlled from a touch device, and enabled it to work in earlier versions of Internet Explorer. It is inelegant largely because it doesn't use a WebGL library like three.js in order to make working with WebGL easier. It demonstrates the raw vertex and index buffer creation and other aspects necessary to render 3D objects on your browser.

Gnomic Earth

The Gnomic Earth example started as a rotating cube with a single texture. I thought it would be cool to have a cubic earth, so I found the cube facets projected in the Gnomic projection on the web, admittedly somewhat blurry, and added them as the textures for the cube faces, and modified the code to show the different textures on each face. I think with it's current rotation pattern you won't see all six sides, but it still looks cool.